Media Still Attacking Sweden for Not Locking Down, Even with the Crisis Finished

Swedish people (and some black-haired folks who I believe are not Swedish) acting normal in Malmo on April 4, 2020, while the rest of the West was going insane.

The coronavirus problem is basically over, even according to official liars. Sweden, which refused to lock down like the rest of the West, has emerged with a death rate lower than most of the countries that did lock down. Certainly, there was no apocalypse.

Even though they might have a few more deaths per million than their immediate Scandinavian neighbors, all that their neighbors have done is put those deaths off until whenever they open up.

Basically, Sweden proves that the entire lockdown was a hoax, and whatever the reason was for destroying our economies and taking away all of our rights, it was not public health.

Somehow, even with all of this data out in public, the media is actually still attacking them and claiming that it was wrong for them not to shut down. They’ve found some woman to come out and whine about it.

Why was it wrong? Because of public health, or because it was an attack on the New World Order agenda being forwarded by the Jews?

The Guardian:

The predecessor of Sweden’s state epidemiologist has broken her silence on the country’s controversial coronavirus strategy, saying she now believes the authorities should have put in place tougher restrictions in the early stages of the pandemic to bring the virus under control.

Annika Linde, who oversaw Sweden’s response to swine flu and Sars as state epidemiologist from 2005 to 2013, had until now expressed support for her country’s approach under her successor, Anders Tegnell.

But she has now become the first member of the public health establishment to break ranks, saying she has changed her mind as a result of Sweden’s relatively high death toll compared with that of its neighbours, Denmark, Norway, and Finland.

“I think that we needed more time for preparedness. If we had shut down very early … we would have been able, during that time, to make sure that we had what was necessary to protect the vulnerable,” Linde told the Observer.

For two days last week Sweden had the highest per capita death rate in the world on a seven-day rolling average, and the overall death toll is expected to pass 4,000 this weekend.

Per capita death rates in Denmark, Finland and Norway, which all put in place far-reaching lockdowns, are now, respectively, four, seven and nine times lower than that of Sweden.

Again: that doesn’t mean anything.

Eventually, everyone is going to be exposed to the virus, and they will either die or they won’t. That was always admitted by the establishment in planning their response when Sweden planned theirs. That is why “flatten the curve” was a thing – it was about stretching out the number of infections over a longer period of time so that the hospitals would not be overwhelmed.

There was never, ever a plan to prevent infections, and no one mentioned such a thing until we were already in a lockdown. Then, all of a sudden, no one could explain what the plan for the lockdown was, only that it would be indefinite because of safety.

Anders Tegnell has become a figure of history.

One man who stood against the whole world.

When future historians attempt to parse out this astonishing event, they will have the reality of Sweden to look at and understand that the entire thing was a hoax from the word go.

That’s why I got this tattoo of his face on my arm.