Antifa Woman’s Background Check at Work Results in 351 Page Print Off of Tweets She Liked

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 7, 2020


An antifa-oriented female on Twitter going by the handle @kmlefranc has posted documents from a background check she did for work, which were sent to her as a 351 page printed document. Using keywords, the document cataloged all of the posts which may be worrying to an employer.

The woman does not use her real name on Twitter, but apparently it was easy enough for the researchers at FAMA who performed the “research” to identify her.

This is the future you chose.

This is a woman who has her pronouns in her bio, along with a background image of what appears to be Jesus Christ mouth-kissing Rama. Her profile also says she lives in Berkeley.

Based on her retweeting of female rabbis, there is also a very strong possibility that she is Jewish and involved in progressive Jewish communities (although she also tweets about the New Testament, so she could just be a standard AWFL spiritualist).

If this is what they are already doing to liberal antifa women, it is extremely worrisome to imagine what they will be doing to white men in a few years.

Possibly even more disturbing than the flagging of negative posts was the flagging of positive posts, which, according to FAMA, demonstrate positive behavioral traits.

@kmlefranc noted that she did not give the company permission to do this, nor give them her account information.

In a rational society, instead of being flagged by this company, we would be flagging this company and demanding that the government put restrictions on this type of invasive meddling into people’s lives by corporations.

Not everything that is possible through technology necessarily has to be implemented in society. In fact, European countries have already begun to put restrictions on what companies are able to do with the information available about you on the internet. Even the United States has passed policies relating to requirements of companies to actually delete things when you press “delete.”

But I do not expect that the United States is going to put any kind of restrictions on companies using algorithms to sort through your social media history and send their results to your work in the form of hundreds of pages of documented potentially politically incorrect statements.

For one, the US has a very extreme view of the rights of corporations, and politicians are always extremely hesitant to restrict corporations in any way at all. Our government has continually applied individual rights guaranteed by the Constitution to corporations, despite the fact that this was obviously not the intention of the Founders.

For another, the US has a very extreme view of the agency of individuals, and the response to this sort of thing is likely to be “well, if you didn’t want all of these things compiled into a file for your workplace, you shouldn’t have posted them.”

Of course, that ignores the fact that what is and is not politically correct is always changing, and all kinds of things that were not politically incorrect five years ago now are politically incorrect. But that’s your problem, not the governments, goy.

Besides, brown people don’t have to undergo these processes, and if a brown person or a homosexual is found using politically incorrect language on the internet, they can sue for discrimination.

So basically: welcome to the weirdest conceivable version of a science fiction dystopia you could have ever possibly imagined. It’s only going to get worse from here on out.

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