Are Picard Shills in Comments Sections All Paid by the Studio?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 10, 2020

I am completely obsessed with Star Trek: Picard. If you’re a long time reader, you may remember I had a similar obsession with Fallout 76. Both of these are unmitigated disasters resulting from beloved pop culture properties being taken over and destroyed by the Jews.

The Fallout 76 scandal was hilarious, and Picard, although it hurts me more as I am more of a fan of Star Trek than I am of Bethesda’s “RPGs,” is on course to be an even funnier debacle.

This one is funnier because it is political. Patrick Stewart said outright that he wanted to be in this show because it had an anti-Trump and anti-Brexit message. This material in the show is not simply heavy-handed. It’s much more than that. As I have covered in reviews of Picard, the Jewish team behind it has actually decided to tear up the entire foundations of the Star Trek franchise in order to shoehorn in a message about populism resulting in billions of people dying and hardcore biker assassins.

The Jew Alex Kurtzman of course had a previous rodeo with Star Trek in the form of Discovery, which was a horribly written show that attacked the core premises of the franchise in order to promote the idea that a black woman is the most important person in the universe. However, that took place in a weird timeframe, and appeared disconnected from the core Star Trek shows of the 90s that everyone loves. Picard, however, is billed as a direct sequel to The Next Generation, and given that it features the main actor from that show, it is a much bigger deal in terms of the reaction fans are having.

Each episode has created a more negative response than the one before, with last week’s episode 3 being globally denounced as the worst thing that could ever possibly happen to the show.

Nerdrotic, a top Discovery critic, said this was the worst episode yet.

Doomcock said it was an attack on the human soul.

(Update) Dave Cullen didn’t have much nice to say about it either. He explained why the Abrams-introduced computer displays are so stupid, something I hadn’t even bothered to think about.

Some random chick whose boyfriend gives her talking points (as she pretends to know the lore of the show and keeps messing it up in a kind of hilarious manner if you know the lore) hates it.

We even have rando new YouTubers with almost no subscribers denouncing it.

And of course, many others who have not been doing reviews of each episode gave negative reviews of previous episodes. Red Letter Media did a review of the series premiere, where Mike said “whatever the stupidest thing you can think of, that’s what they’re doing with this show.”

Dave Cullen and Critical Drinker did reviews of episode 2.

It is more or less impossible to find a positive review of this show on YouTube. There is only one guy I found – a literally gay-married millennial – who actually claimed to be a fan of the show, and all he did was talk about liking the aesthetics.

I did find some actual fans who were trying to like the show, but none of them would outright defend it – they would more just say “oh well, you know, there are a couple of okay things…”

ScreenCrush – which has the entire bit of “just be positive about everything” – falls into that category. Even they couldn’t avoid being negative, while just telling you about Easter eggs.

Point being: all indications lead to the belief that this show has basically zero support. I’m sure there are some dumb people who are just like “OH YEAH THAT EXPLOSION WAS AWESOME AND CHECK OUT THIS BIKER NINJA,” but those are not fans of the original shows. And if you like explosions, there are shows with explosions that are a lot better than this. The Expanse is 100x better than this, and I am not a fan of The Expanse. There is no reason to have the Star Trek name in order to have a “space explosions” show.

And yet, you can still find an army of shills in the comments sections of all blogs responding to every comment with standardized talking points.

It’s not actually the Kelvin timeline, but the Prime timeline, which was also invented by JJ Abrams and Alex Kurtzman. This is a talking point that is everywhere. It’s a dumb nerd “well akshually” designed to try to make critics of the show look uninformed about the Trek lore. There are no actual “timelines.” There is just Star Trek from 1966 to 2005 and Star Trek from 2009 onwards. JJ Abrams invented the concept of timelines, and created both “Kelvin” and “Prime” timelines, so it is just a hoax to even talk about timelines. People use the term “Kelvin timeline” to simply refer to the fact that it is part of the Abrams/Kurtzman project. Of course, no one actually cares what timeline it is in, they care that it is a total piece of shit.

As reddit is blowing up with absolute hatred for this vile mess of a show, another popular talking point of the shills is “oh but Star Trek was always changing tho.”

Opinion: TNG and DS9 were a success because they were allowed to be different. from startrek

It wasn’t really ever making any changes this dramatic, and the core themes were certainly never thrown in the trash. Furthermore, even if you’re okay with abandoning the utopian vision of a future where humanity finds a way to deal with internal conflict, and are okay with a Star Trek show about fighting Donald Trump, the show is still horribly written and retarded.

Beyond these sort of shill talking points, the comments sections of blogs – and reddit – are clogged up with a bunch of people giving inane, dumb comments in support of the show, often with accounts with no posting history and often with weird English. Meanwhile no evidence exists on YouTube or within any other serious discussion of the show which leads me to believe the show has any fans at all.

I am beginning to believe – and in fact already do believe – that there is a massive paid shill campaign underway, probably run by Jews working with groups of Indians and Slavs to spread fake support for this show.

It would make sense that they would do this. There is literally no chance in hell that they didn’t know how much people were going to hate this show. People hated Discovery. And Picard is not only worse because it is destroying beloved characters rather than just doing a random story set in the Star Trek universe, it also appears that it is going to be a much worse story than Discovery.

The Rotten Tomatoes critic score is totally believable, because critics will give glowing reviews to anything that says “orange man bad.” But I believe the user score is being manipulated by shills and possibly by the site itself.

We saw with Captain Marvel that Rotten Tomatoes is willing to manipulate user reviews in order to protect the reputation of a property that they believe to be politically important.

Metacritic is a bit less suspicious.

But you have a full catalog (37) of what appear to be total shill 10/10 reviews that are carrying the number up to 5 from what would otherwise be the 2-3 range. Shills on metacritic are using the same talking points.

Note that whereas CBS aired the first episode of Discovery on TV, they declined to do that with Picard. This is presumably because they didn’t want the Nielsen ratings system to be in play. Because Discovery and Picard are broadcast exclusively on streaming services, we do not know how many people are watching these shows, but it is believed that it is not very many. However, given that these shows are the only expensive shows on CBS All Access, and given that they are getting money from Netflix, they can continue producing them for the time being.

So the decision to not show it on TV indicates they were aware before the show aired that there would be low interest in it. So I think they could have also been aware that they would be better off if they created the illusion of support by fans on the internet.

Hence, I believe they hired an army of shills and that is who we are all seeing in these tubes: paid shills working for the Jews.

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