Armed Joggers March Through White Neighborhood Where Jogger was Shot

I wrote Tuesday about the idiocy of bringing guns to anti-lockdown marches. I noted that the meaning of white people doing this is unclear, and it is confusing.

However, when we see joggers doing it, everyone understands they are there to menace the locals.

Joggers recently walked through the neighborhood where jogger Ahmaud Arbery was shot after he trespassed in a house under construction and then attacked men who tried to question him.

It’s not clear when this happened, as the only people reporting on it are the blacks, for example at the jogger news site, and they’re not bothering to use dates or even say specifically where it happened. Based on the dates of the articles and tweets, it probably happened on Monday, or over the weekend.

We should look at these joggers, and understand our own feelings about them, then realize that there are a lot of people in this country that are “race blind” and have this same feeling when they see whites marching with weapons.

I explained in my piece that despite people pretending otherwise, carrying guns to protests is not an American tradition. It first happened in the Obama years, but has only gotten to be a widespread phenomenon in the last few years, with many white men who are struggling with their masculinity feeling that this makes them look powerful and strong.

However, this is a jogger tradition. Joggers have carried guns at protests going all the way back to the sixties, with the Black Panthers.

The whites who bring guns to these anti-lockdown protests have a “jogger mindset,” and think that by carrying a powerful weapon they can disguise their own powerlessness as individuals.

To the people who can see through the ruse, these jogger-minded protesters look pathetic and weak. To those who cannot see through the ruse, they look like unhinged lunatics. Neither look is a good look for a lockdown protest that is supposed to be expressing the will of the masses of people.

White people are never going to get anywhere acting like a bunch of dumb joggers.