Biotech Firm Moderna Hypes “Promising” Coronavirus Vaccine Trials as Executives Dump Millions in Stock

Moderna’s stock rose spectacularly on news that early trial results of their coronavirus vaccine looked promising. But upon further scrutiny of their data, it looks like the firm’s executives were involved in a pump and dump scam.

The continuing coronavirus pandemic hoax is allowing for all sorts of scams and frauds to flourish. One of the more recent frauds appears to be centered around a biotech company called Moderna. The company’s stock has risen from around 20 dollars a share in March up to a recent high of around 80 dollars. This market activity was based solely around their development of a coronavirus vaccine. The stock really spiked this week after they announced that the preliminary trials of their vaccine looked promising.

Moderna’s CEO Stephane Bancel was on CNBC promoting the news early in the week.

The virus fraudster Anthony Fauci was even on CNN saying that he was “cautiously optimistic” about the Moderna trial results.

But just as the company announced the promising news, some of the firm’s top executives including the firm’s Chief Medical Officer were dumping millions of dollars in Moderna stock.

It turns out that Moderna’s Chief Medical Officer is an Israeli Jew by the name of Tal Zaks. He was actually promoting the vaccine news on Israeli television before dumping a bunch of his shares.

Times of Israel:

The Israeli chief medical officer of US biotech firm Moderna said Monday that its experimental anti-COVID-19 vaccine “actually works,” after tests on a small number of volunteers, and that it will start Phase 3 testing on thousands of people in July.

“We got the first results today… and today we are showing that it actually works… we are able to stimulate the immune system,” Dr. Tal Zaks said.

In an interview with Israeli television, Zaks said he was confident that, toward the end of the year, “we’ll be able to present first results that prove that our vaccine indeed prevents the disease.”

Israeli Jew Tal Zaks, the Chief Medical Officer of Moderna.

And after their data was more carefully scrutinized, the stock plunged in value.

This entire fiasco obviously looks like a pump and dump scam. They had their top executives hyping the news in the media, then when the stock rose on the news, they proceeded to unload their shares.

But what’s scary is how so many people seem to believe that a coronavirus vaccine is critical to ending all these insane lockdowns. If they didn’t believe this, we wouldn’t have seen this type of stock action.

It’s insane to even think we need a vaccine for this. Especially one that is rushed due to manufactured media hysteria. That’s because we know that the coronavirus is no more dangerous than the flu. The vast majority of people who catch it fully recover and do not die.

There’s countless reasons why you should not get whatever coronavirus vaccine is developed and presented to the public. This whole agenda has bad news written all over it.