“Birds of Prey” is Another Gyno-Ghostbusters, Has Record-Breakingly Bad Opening Weekend

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 9, 2020

The latest feminist blockbuster film is already breaking records of failure.

It is from DC Comics, which quite recently broke records of success with Joker, a film that was declared to be a sexist incel hate film geared at school shooters.

Astroturfed reviews have promoted the film. Because it is required that every single reviewer always give positive reviews to any film with a strong political message. But people basically already know that these reviews are all fake.

The Wrap:

Despite strong critical and audience reception, Warner Bros./DC’s “Birds of Prey” is proving not to be the February box office success industry observers had hoped. After grossing $13 million on Friday from 4,236 screens, the film is now estimated to earn an opening weekend of $34 million, which would be the lowest start for a DC Comics adaptation since the $5.3 million opening of the box office bomb “Jonah Hex” in 2010.

Heading into the weekend, trackers had been projecting an opening weekend of $55 million while Warner Bros. was more conservative with a $45 million start. An opening at that lower figure might not have been the foundation for a particularly strong February box office, but still would have been a decent return on investment for Warner. Reports on the budget for “Birds of Prey” have varied but have tended to be around $85-95 million.

But a $32 million opening would make it difficult for “Birds of Prey” to even cross $100 million domestically, something that should be a given for any DC film and especially one that has a known star in Margot Robbie returning to her breakthrough role as Harley Quinn after 2016’s “Suicide Squad.” Reception for the film has been generally positive too, with an 83% score on Rotten Tomatoes along with a B+ on CinemaScore and a 4/5 on Postrak.

The film doesn’t just star women, it was also written, produced and directed by women. Even the soundtrack features exclusively female artists.

The whole advertising of the film was not just based on feminism, but on the idea that it uses a “feminine gaze” to “reject the male gaze.” Basically, they denounced Suicide Squad, the previous film featuring Robbie’s Harley Quinn, as a sexist hate film.

Robbie is one of the producers of Birds, and she pretty much claimed that she was too sexy in Suicide Squad.

There is one of those spam videos attached to this article showing that this is a breakthrough feminist film that took big risks to try to lecture a male audience.

The problem is that the male audience did not show up to see the film.

Basically, they are going to need laws forcing men to see these films. Because it is unacceptable for these women to go through all the trouble of producing these $100+ million films to lecture men and then men not show up.

Imagine if no one had showed up to see Schindler’s List. That would have been absolute anti-Semitism.

But somehow, we have yet to acknowledge that it is almost as bad to not go see a feminist action comic book film.

Fun fact: Black Canary gets blacked in this film – by famous hate crime victim Jussie Smollet’s sister!

Comic book Black Canary
Blacked Black Canary, Jurnee Smollett-Bell

Jurnee Smollett-Bell catapulted to fame after her brother Jussie was hate-crime attacked by two white supremacist Nigerians in downtown Chicago. The Trump-supporting Nigerians lynched him and poured bleach on him.

Gotta say, for combining the two least attractive races – black and Jew – into a single individual, Jurnee Smollett-Bell did alright. Definitely bests Meghan Markle on the old “male gaze-o-meter.”

I guess it’s a “two negatives make a positive” type situation.

But don’t you dare male gaze that afro-kike if you see the film in the theater. You will literally be ejected from the theater by the cops if they catch you male-gazing at these skanks.

You especially don’t want to male-gaze at Rosie Perez or Ali Wong, who are involved in a Puerto Rican-on-Chinese interracial lesbian relationship.

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