Brave Joggers Stand Up Against the Murderous Police! Traitor Cops Go Buckwild!

It was a wild night last night, after the cops killed an innocent jogger in Minneapolis and the people rose up against the oppression. These were some serious riots. I’ve never seen so many cop cars destroyed.

You might not care about some criminal jogger, but remember that the same cops that killed this jogger took all of our freedoms away because the sickening government told them a virus means we don’t have a Constitution. They closed our churches, they closed our gyms, they yelled at us and treated us like slaves.

These cops are traitors to America.


I have zero sympathy for the cops at this point. None. They killed this guy, just like they would kill any of us if their paymasters told them to. They are completely out of control, and anyone out there with this “Blue Lives Matter” crap after they’ve watched all of our rights taken from us by these cops is schizophrenic. Why on earth should we be protesting in favor of people who oppress us?

As we’ve reported, the video does show the jogger, George Floyd, basically being tortured to death. He was in handcuffs and the cop just stood on his neck for no reason.

By the way, they’re saying this is the cop:

I kind of doubt it actually is, this seems like a viral hoax. But I’m just reporting it, because it’s out there.

This entire situation is basically just a massive distraction. It might seem strange that it happened in the middle of this whole lockdown fiasco, but it actually isn’t. The cops have been seriously emboldened, and now they’re just killing people like it’s nothing.

So on that level, it is relevant, as it draws attention to the issue, but most whites are just going to see joggers rioting and think this is yet another jogger hoax, and it’s going to make them sympathetic for the same cops who have destroyed the Constitution in the name of the sickening evil government.

As I wrote the other day with regards to these brutal cops:

I know that in the right-wing, we tend to have positive views of the cops as a symbol of lawful authority, but what we all need to understand is that the authority they represent is no longer lawful. The only authority that the cops ever had came from the United States Constitution, and they are flagrantly violating that, stomping all over it, making an absolute mockery of this country, so they no longer deserve any respect at all and should instead be viewed as an enemy of the people.

Thus far, since this coronavirus hoax started, I’m not aware of even one single cop who’s been in the media for refusing to violate the Constitution. All of them swear an oath to the Constitution, and all of them are now in violation of that oath. We no longer owe them respect. They are no longer enforcers of the peace. They are simply thugs and scum doing the bidding of evil people.

These people are traitors who have taken our freedoms.

People need to not look at the color here, and just understand that you’re next.

Whatever the case, this is a dumb distraction designed to confuse people. We shouldn’t be talking about anything other than the lockdown, and here we are talking about this.