EU Says They’ll Have a Coronavirus Vaccine “In About a Year”

Only conspiracy theorists ask questions. Everyone else just believes whatever the government says and viciously mocks anyone who doesn’t.

The vaccine part of this bizarre virus agenda is the most ominous. These people are obsessed with injecting all of us with a strange chemical concoction, which could do anything they want it to do and more to our bodies.

I do not believe that these people care about public health. I’m sorry, I just simply do not believe it. You can call me a conspiracy theorist, but there is no way in hell I’m taking this vaccine. After all that these people have done, collapsing our entire economy because of a stupid hoax, taking away all of our freedoms, driving people insane – you would literally have to be some kind of retard to agree to let them inject a strange chemical into your veins.

Here is video of top scientists themselves questioning the safety of these vaccines.

No one understands the science. It’s effectively a kind of voodoo.

The trust that we’re putting in these white lab coated scientists is not at all different than the trust that primitive man put in witchdoctors. That isn’t even an analogy – it is just literally the exact same thing. Humans have a primitive mechanism in their brains that tells them to put their faith in people who claim to have special, secret knowledge.


A vaccine to counter the new coronavirus could be approved in about a year in an “optimistic” scenario, an agency which approves medicines for the European Union said on Thursday.

As the world rushes to develop a vaccine, the European Union, hard hit by COVID-19, fears it may not have sufficient supplies, especially if a vaccine were developed in the United States or China.

The European Medicines Agency, in communication with 33 developers, was doing all it could to speed up the approval process, the EMA’s head of vaccines, Marco Cavaleri, said, but he was sceptical of claims any could be ready by September.

“For vaccines, since the development has to start from scratch … we might look from an optimistic side in a year from now, so beginning of 2021,” he told journalists.

He ruled out the possibility of skipping the third phase of a vaccine trial, which he said would be needed to be sure a vaccine was safe and effective.

The EMA is also looking at 115 different therapeutics, or treatments, for the coronavirus, which has killed nearly 300,000 deaths globally, according to World Health Organization data.

Cavaleri said some of those therapeutics could be approved in Europe as early as this summer, but he did not specify which.

A leading EU lawmaker said the European Union should circumvent pharmaceutical companies’ intellectual property rights if a vaccine were developed outside the bloc, a new sign of EU fears of lagging behind in the global race.

“If a vaccine is first developed outside Europe, we must do everything possible to ensure that the vaccine is actually available to all countries,” said Peter Liese, who is a prominent member of Germany’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party, the same as Chancellor Angela Merkel’s.

This is all just nonsense talk. They might as well be talking about a war between Romulus and Vulcan.

We’re rapidly approaching a reality where Star Trek fan discussion has more factual content than the public discussion as organized by the mainstream media.

There is no evidence to support this “about a year” timeframe. They are simply throwing this out there. The purpose of saying this is obviously to get people in the mindset of thinking that there will be some kind of finality on this lockdown and “crisis” at some point. It’s just psychological manipulation. There is no reason to believe there will ever be a vaccine. There is no vaccine for MERS or SARS 1.

Of course, they could just start injecting people with whatever, if they want. The masses of idiots who respond well to media hysterics are scared to death of this virus, despite all data showing that it is only deadly to the very old and people with extreme existing health conditions. These people will do what they’re told to do to make the fear go away.

But the timeframe is obviously set up to justify continuing some degree of lockdown for another year, while getting it into people’s heads that it will end in a year. After people have been subjected to this for an entire year, it will be normal, and they can say “oh sorry, we don’t have a vaccine – we’re just going to stay locked down” and no one who didn’t already have a problem with it will have a problem with it then.

All that talk about invisible Russian hackers and invisible Nazis when all they had to do this whole time was tell people there was a virus and the population would just fold. Literally, it was “a virus is-” and people said “say no more,” and surrendered.

Or they can give you a vaccine and say this virus is over but there’s another virus that just came from a bat or a rat or whatever which is going to kill millions, so you have to stay locked down. Whatever.

One thing is very clear at this point: nothing is ever going back to normal. We lost our chance at things being normal ever again when people agreed to let the government do all of this stuff to us. I was the only person saying “what the hell is going on, why are we allowing this???” Now more are saying it. Tucker Carlson is saying it, Elon Musk is saying it. I have reason to believe my boy Nick Fuentes is on the verge of saying it. A new movement in support of freedom is going to rise to compete with this brutal agenda of the government, the media and the elite ruling class. But this is going to be a very long fight, and in the event that we win (and we will, it could just take a very long time), the world that comes after will be nothing like the world we left.

January 2020 is as far away as the ice age now.

That world is dead and gone. January of 2020 might as well be ancient Rome, or the ice age. It is a dead era that won’t ever return. As this reality dawns on people – and it’s still going to be a while before the masses begin to understand it – people will be divided into two camps: government believers and freedom supporters.

This is going to replace our previous race war lines of battle. It will be almost all whites on the side of freedom, of course. But the reason that we fought along race lines was that those were the lines that were drawn by the system itself. Now, the system has drawn new lines, and it is along those lines that we will fight.