Fear-Mongering Over Texas Reopening

Here’s the deal: there is going to be a brief partial reopening for most places during the summer. Then when the fall comes, they’re going to shut everything again as they start hoaxing mass flu death.

Throughout any reopening, they’re going to continue to fear monger as hard as possible. This is all just a program that they’ve developed to use trauma to psychologically condition the masses of people into accepting this new society they’re rolling out.

New York Post:

Coronavirus cases are on the rise in Texas since the Lone Star state started reopening almost three weeks ago, new numbers show.

The case count hit 45,198 Friday, up 1,347 from the day before, ABC News reported.

The death toll has increased as well, reaching a record 58 fatalities on Thursday and 56 on Friday. The total death count stood at 1,272 Friday.

A spokesman for Gov. Greg Abbott told ABC News that an increase in testing was contributing to a rise in the number of cases. The spokesman said hospitalizations had remained steady.

The coming fall lockdown is going to be on the federal level, as this lockdown state is established as the new normal in the Western world.

If a Democrat replaces Trump, then all bets are totally off and you’re basically in a Biblical apocalypse.