FINALLY: Putin Ends National Lockdown

Vladimir Putin with kook hypochondriac Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin

It is insane that Russia allowed this hoax to go on for this long.

They only have 2000 deaths!

это просто грипп, братан!

Russian President Vladimir Putin ended it after Belarus flexed on him by having their Victory Day parade while Russia was locked down.

South China Morning Post:

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday said that a nationwide instruction to stay at home rather than go to work would cease to apply the following day, despite the country’s coronavirus caseload continuing to rise.

“As of tomorrow, May 12, the nationwide period of non-working days has been completed. However, the battle against this epidemic has not yet finished,” Putin said in a nationally televised speech.

Regional officials have been tasked with deciding whether to prolong quarantine measures at the local level.

The capital, Moscow, and its surrounding region, where most cases have been recorded, have lockdown quarantine measures in place for the rest of this month.

If I were Putin, I would send the military to arrest the kook Moscow Mayor who’s pushing this insane nonsense. This prick went out there and bragged that his lockdown is even more extreme than Cuomo’s!

Like it’s a competition for who can lock people down the hardest!

Hopefully, this is Putin’s last try at cargo-culting the West.

Democracy is a hoax.

Human rights are a hoax.

This virus is a hoax.

The entire Western world is built on a series of hoaxes, and if Russia is going to keep trying to follow them and thinking it will lead to prosperity, they’re going to keep ending up with problems.

I said from the beginning: this lockdown in the West was an opportunity for Russia to get ahead, while the US and Europe destroy themselves. But out of paranoia, thinking the virus is a US bioweapon – and maybe it is, but either way it is benign – they shut everything down.

Meanwhile, China shut nothing down, and they’re pulling way out ahead. They’re going to dominate the planet.

I would rather the entire world not be dominated by the Chinese. Russians are competent enough, they ran an Evil Empire for nearly a century. They could use this to become a world power to be reckoned with, if they quit screwing around with this goofy nonsense.