Former PM of Australia Demands Media be Decentralized to Save Democracy

If it’s unethical for Rupert Murdoch to own a bunch of media, then what does that say about the Jews?

New Daily:

Australia’s high concentration of media ownership is eroding its democracy, getting in the way of critical action on issues like climate change and limiting what stories get told, media experts have warned.

The warning comes as former prime minister Kevin Rudd called for a royal commission into media concentration on Saturday, launching a petition to Parliament that amassed thousands of signatures within hours of going live.

Australia’s media landscape is dominated by two players – Nine Entertainment, which owns the The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald mastheads among others, and News Corp, owned by former Australian Rupert Murdoch, which controls between 60 and 70 per cent of the metropolitan market.

Mr Rudd decried the sheer concentration of the Murdoch empire, and pointed to News Corp mastheads’ support for the Liberal Party in the past 18 elections.

Murdoch has become a cancer, an arrogant cancer, on our democracy,” Mr Rudd said.

“I’m calling on the Parliament to establish a royal commission into the abuse of media monopoly in Australia, and particularly by the Murdoch media, to make recommendations to maximise media diversity ownership for the future lifeblood of our democratic system.”

Frankly, claiming that Rupert Murdoch has too much power is basically a dog whistle for Antisemitism.

Murdoch is the single non-Jew involved in this business.

You pretty much have to accept that completely absurd levels of centralization of power and influence is A-OK in order to not be an Antisemite, given that the way Jews rule is through monopoly domination of industries.

The media is of course the most important of those industries. It is effectively the ring of power, which allows the ruling of all other rings.

Of course, we know that the original magic ring was the banking system. Obviously, the banking system and the media are totally dominated by Jews. But if I was told that in order to combat the Jews, I could choose either the media or the banks, I would choose the media and I would have control of the banks in less than a decade.

Jews are the promoters of democracy. The reason that they promote it is that it is a system designed to fail. We all saw it: Donald Trump was elected by a massive margin on a program to basically round up a majority of the brown people in the United States and put them out of the United States. That didn’t happen. Instead, the entire government turned against him and foisted a Russian hoax upon him.

You couldn’t ever possibly get away with this level of corruption in any other governmental system.

The solution to feminism is more feminism, the solution to crime is fewer cops, the solution to democracy is more democracy.

They do this same thing, over and over, selling these broken ideas with built-in exploits.

Democracy is the core of the rot.

The first thing the communists did after taking over Russia was establish universal suffrage.

In America, we got universal male suffrage at the end of the 19th century, and it wasn’t long before that system led to women being empowered. The rest is history.

You get this:

The media is the key lever on all of it.

Most people don’t really know where their thoughts come from. Virtually every thought that doesn’t extend directly from a biological drive comes from the media.

I’m happy to disempower Rupert Murdoch. But the Jews must also agree to surrender their domination of the media.