Freedom Fighter Elon Musk Opens His Factory Against Government Order, Cops Can Arrest Him If They Want

Elon Musk might not be the hero we wanted, but he’s the one we need.


Tesla officially restarted production on Monday at its plant in Fremont, California, albeit not on the local government’s terms. CEO Elon Musk confirmed workers are back on the job and specifically said the decision goes against Alameda County’s stay-at-home order.

In fact, Musk said he’s willing to be placed under arrest as the factory restarts.

The CEO’s tweets come after reports of Tesla restarting production on May 11 despite not receiving the green light from the local government. Last Friday, California Governor Gavin Newsom said some manufacturing could begin restarting, but Alameda County — where Tesla’s Fremont factory resides — did not lift its order.

Bay Area CBS News affiliate KPIX reported that workers began moving in and out of Tesla’s plant in Fremont, California. Photos from local Fox news affiliate KTVU show packed parking lots, further indicating workers had returned Monday morning. One worker dialed into KTVU and told the station he arrived for work at 6 p.m. PT on Sunday with his shift ending 6 a.m. Monday morning.

The worker said Tesla is “up and running” and expressed concerns the plant is not following health guidelines. Tesla did not respond to a request for comment.

Alameda County officials released a statement in regards to Tesla’s reopening on Monday, saying it had “learned that the Tesla factory in Fremont had opened beyond Minimum Basic Operations.”

Musk previously said he’s planning to move the factory out of California, though I suppose if the government doesn’t shut him down, he’ll stay there.

This is a bold move and it puts the rest of the businesses on notice. If you are cooperating with the government shutdown, you are destroying America.

It is the duty of the people with the power to stand up to stand up.