Justin Trudeau Vaguely Implies He’s Preparing for a Civil War in the United States

Justin Trudeau has casually indicated that he’s preparing for a civil war in America.


Washington Examiner:

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said his country is preparing for potential disruptions if the winner of the U.S. presidential election is not immediately clear.

“What happens in the United States is going to be impacting Canada after the election, but our job is to be ready for all outcomes,” Trudeau said Thursday, according to Bloomberg. “As a matter of course, I don’t comment or weigh in on American political processes.”

President Trump has raised the issue of ballot integrity in regard to mail-in voting, and Vice President Mike Pence dodged a question during Wednesday night’s debate with Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris where the moderator asked about what he would do if Trump lost the election and refused a peaceful transfer of power.

“We’re certainly all hoping for a smooth transition or a clear result from the election, like many people are around the world,” Trudeau told reporters. “If it is less clear, there may be some disruptions, and we need to be ready for any outcomes. I think that’s what Canadians would expect of their governments, and we’re certainly reflecting on that.”

It’s not just the media in America that is going to side with Joe Biden as he attempts to steal the election – it is every other world leader in the West.

I’m sure Vladimir Putin will recognize the rest when Trump wins – but that doesn’t really help very much, does it?

Or does it?

Maybe Putin can send in peacekeepers?

If I were Trump and Joe Biden tried to use an army of Antifa to remove me from office, and I had no ability to control the FBI or any other intelligence agency, and had only so much influence over the military, I might invite in Russian peacekeepers.

That’s an option that should be on the table.

I’ll tell you this: if these people try to overthrow the government and they lose, there are going to be some very, very serious consequences.

As the old saying goes: If you take a shot at the king, you’d better not miss.

If we get through this, we’re going to need to do regime changes in Europe, and obviously in Canada. We cannot have these foreign countries working against us.

There would absolutely not be any need for violence. Most European populations are very much ready for a change in leadership, it’s just that this system of democracy prevents popular figures from ever gaining power. It’s easily rectified by putting minimal pressure in a few spots.

I am very much willing to be brought in after the CIA and FBI are dissolved to help with organizing a removal of foreign leaders who colluded with corrupt forces in the United States in the most civilized and peaceful way possible.

With Canada, all you would really have to do is start waving around the nation’s real flag and a spontaneous explosion of aggressive patriotism would instantaneously overwhelm the anal government of Trudeau and cause it to blink out of existence.

You used to have pride, Canada.

Don’t let them take that memory from you.

If we liberate ourselves, we’re coming to break you out first.