Maskless Men Attack Nanny Target Employees Who Forced Them to Leave for Not Wearing Masks

The violence is just getting started.

Trust me: it’s going to get a whole lot worse.

NBC Los Angeles:

Two men were arrested in an assault that left a Van Nuys Target store employee with a broken arm while the men were being escorted out of the store for not wearing masks as required under coronavirus rules, police said.

The attack happened at 10:20 a.m. on May 1 at the store at 5711 Sepulveda Blvd., police said.

When they were escorted out, one of the men turned and punched a store employee, causing him to fall and break his left arm, police said.

Then a fight broke out between the two suspects and store employees, police said.

The employee hospitalized and the men were booked into jail for felony battery, officials said.

The suspects were identified as 31-year-old Phillip Hamilton and 29-year-old Paul Hamilton. It was not immediately clear if or how they were related.

Under LA County rules that have been in place since April 15, anyone coming in contact with another must wear face coverings, including businesses that remain open and customers.

You can’t take people’s jobs, lock them in their houses, then tell them to do a bunch of things they don’t want to do and expect them to not develop mental instability. We know this. Any psychologist will tell you that this lockdown is putting insane amounts of pressure on the mental health of the people, and that a certain number of them are going to snap, to various extents.

Anyone who has ever played a sim video game knows that a big part of keeping your population sane is making sure that they have social interaction and recreation. If you don’t do that, people in your game start to have breakdowns.

People often go completely berserk.

It’s true in video games because it’s true in real life. Everyone knows this. If you deny humans their basic needs, systematically, you’ve broken the social contract and it will result in violence.

When you consider that the numbers of coronavirus dead are completely faked, we are probably going to end up in a situation where just the number of murders that result from this lockdown and the destruction of the general mental health of the people is going to be higher than the true number of coronavirus dead. When you add in suicides and drug overdoses over the next five or ten years, you’re talking about ten times the official (fake) coronavirus death number.

Even if every single person in a nursing home was going to die, this insane lockdown would not be justified. You cannot simply destroy all of society like this.

But as we’ve been over on this site 6 trillion times, it would have been very easy to quarantine these nursing homes. Instead, we quarantined all people, ostensibly to protect people in nursing homes, and people in nursing homes are still dying because this wasn’t a serious quarantine. A serious quarantine could have kept 100% of nursing home residents from being infected. If that had been combined with a program to deliver food to old people who are not in nursing homes, that would have eliminated virtually all of the real deaths from this virus. Far upwards of 90% of deaths would have been prevented that way.

Instead, we collapsed our entire society, completely.

The only possible explanation for this is that the government did it on purpose.

Soon, the goyim will know.