Mega-Cunt Overload: Eternal Cunt Gretchen has Meltdown When Her Power is Challenged

Mommy Gretchen, known to supporters as “The Ultimate Mega-Cunt,” had a psychological breakdown when some people who are not the mommy and not the boss tried to ask her where she got infinite powers to rule over everyone.

Mommy said she will spank any of the bad boys who think they have Constitutional rights.

Fox News:

Facing a lawsuit by state Republicans over her use of emergency powers during the coronavirus outbreak, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer fired back Tuesday, accusing the GOP of a “power grab.”

“This is more than a political bluff for a dissatisfied coequal branch of government holding a losing hand under applicable law,” Whitmer wrote in a legal filing submitted Tuesday, according to The Detroit News. “It is a power grab cloaked in the fineries of unfounded legal reasoning.”

The law is that she’s the mommy so she gets to decide.

If bad boys try to play outside when they could get hurt, mommy has a right to spank them.

Oral arguments in the dispute are set to begin Friday, the News reported.

Last week, state Republicans sued Whitmer, a Democrat serving her first term, claiming she overstepped her authority by extending her previous shutdown order in response to the coronavirus.

The GOP claims Whitmer cannot extend an emergency declaration beyond 28 days without approval from the Legislature, according to the News.

Whitmer’s extension was a seizure of lawmaking power from the Legislature “in service of a new executive-domineered legal regime,” the GOP claims in its lawsuit. “In doing so, Defendant takes control of matters at the core of the Legislature’s constitutional mandate. And she does so under no discernible standards or time limits, save vague insistences that an ‘emergency’ requires them.”

Michigan House Speaker Lee Chatfield, a Republican, has accused Whitmer of trying to lead by decree.

“In Michigan, our governor has declared she no longer needs the legislature,” Chatfield wrote on Twitter last week. “What would the country say if the President declared he no longer needed Congress? Is there a double standard? You see, even in pandemics, laws still need to be upheld. We should all be working together.

In late April, Whitmer extended her emergency order through May 28, hours before it was set to expire, and vetoed a bill that would have limited her powers. The extension came after dozens of demonstrators — some armed with rifles — gathered inside and outside the Capitol building in Lansing earlier in the day.

In the world of bad boys who could hurt themselves playing outside, the mommy is the ultimate force of total domination.

She has to protect even the baddest boys from hurting themselves.

Mommy is our savior, and we should be worshiping her like a Sumerian statue – not asking from whence she got her authority to tell everyone what to do.