Mike Pence and Kamala Harris Debate was BORING!

Okay, so we’ve watched the debate.

It was nothing but pure talking points, on both sides.

It totally sucked.

Mike Pence did not press the bitch on anything. Other than sort of on the issue of stacking the Supreme Court. Kuntmala answered that the real stacking was that there aren’t enough black people.

But he absolutely DID NOT do the Russia issue, and this bitch actually came out with that Russia nonsense. After we all know as a matter of total fact it was a hoax, she is still saying it in this prime time spot, which indicates that this is their strategy: they’ve been caught in this hoax, but they’re just going to press forward.


But yeah, it’s crap, don’t recommend it, only interesting thing was the fly on Mike’s head, which was apparently sent by Kamala.

Original article follows.

The Mike Pence vs. Kamala Harris debate is on NOW.

Harris is expected to try to put an evil curse on Pence, using satanic magic from her home country of India, where she made a blood pact with the satanic deity Kali.

Conversely, Pence is predicted to use the name of Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior to compel and possibly destroy the evil entity Kamala.

I think we perhaps all need a quick reminder:

Pence will be protected by Our Savior and by a plexiglass wall, but we do hope that if Kamala makes a run and breaks through the plexiglass wall and tries to rip out Pence’s throat with her fangs, as she has done to so many others, the moderator will intervene.

Hopefully the moderator is a priest and has already set up wards blessed with holy water to keep her in her own section.

But you never know.

This world belongs to the devil and though God has promised to save our souls, he will not save our bodies.

I hope that Pence presses the demonic entity Kamala on her relationship to the demon god Kali and asks her what kind of blood rituals she’s been involved in lately.