Millions of People View Daily Stormer Picard Review on Google News, CNN Gets It Shut Down

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 11, 2020

The IT team contacted me last night and informed me they thought the site was suffering a DDoS attack, then realized it was actually an article that had gone viral. It was my latest piece on Star Trek: Picard, discussing the fact that I believe the series is being promoted by an army of shills who post in comments sections and on reddit.

The reason it went viral is that it had gone to the top of the Google News Android app, Discover. The reason that this was possible is that we switched domains recently due to dumb technical problems, and the new domain was not in Google’s block list. And the Daily Stormer happened to have the single most popular article on the topic of Picard, so through merit, we reached literally the top spot of Google News for people whose profiles marked them as Star Trek fans.

And who was it that got it shut down?

It wasn’t the Southern Poverty Law Center.

It wasn’t the Anti-Defamation League.

It wasn’t even a Jew.

It was Patrick Hogan.

And Paul Hogan is…

Drum roll please…

A journalist who works for CNN.

He’s exactly what you would expect.

A disgusting fatbeard millennial who will never achieve anything in his life who is absolutely outraged that after he got the dream job at CNN, more people read me than him. Journalists are a race of fat, malicious slobs who believe they are special. Just try to imagine being that fat, having that beard, being 35 and thinking you’re special. These are the people who have taken our freedoms from us.

Google immediately responded to Hogan, saying that they would be silencing me immediately, explaining that with the domain change, I showed up on their newsfeed against their will.

This is a situation where CNN – which also publishes articles about Star Trek: Picard – is calling for me to be shut down because I had the most popular article on Star Trek: Picard on Google News.

How is it possible that anyone thinks it is okay for a multinational media conglomerate to publicly advocate for independent media that cannot even pay the bills to be blocked on the internet?

How is this even legal?

Imagine if Walmart was publicly lobbying for a local family-owned co-op to be shut down, claiming the owners of it were evil people.

And that is truly all they are saying when they call me a “neo-Nazi.” In fact, Fatboy Hogan said I am “proudly” neo-Nazi. To be clear: I am not, nor have I ever been a “neo-Nazi.” In actual fact, I do not even believe that is actually a real thing, outside of FBI organized terrorist groups.

What I have done is mocked the caricature of “racists” presented by the media in an interesting, creative and rebellious way. These people claimed that by mocking a thing I actually was the thing. I don’t know how many of them were pretending to be retarded and how many of them actually are retarded, but I always think of sitting with my elderly grandma 15 years ago and watching The Colbert Report with her thinking that he was a Republican.

I think that some of these people were too old to get the joke and some of them were opportunistic Jews who wanted me shut down because I had developed a genuinely fun way to address the problem of Jewish power. But since those memes have gone stale – primarily due to what appeared to be legitimate neo-Nazis showing up at Charlottesville – I have admitted in a straight-forward manner that the whole “Nazi” thing was what every regular reader of the site knew it was: a funny joke.

I still use the bit sometimes, if I think I can do it in a way that’s funny, but that is a rare occurrence.

Point being: there is no meaning in the term beyond “this person is evil,” which is simply dumb. Even in the responses to the CNN agent flipping out, people were like “yeah I saw that and I clicked ‘please don’t show me this source again.'” And that surely is a fine solution for most people.

After CNN made the call, Sleeping Giants, a Jewish anti-free speech advocacy group, joined the crusade.


But I don’t really believe that is a popular sentiment. What I see with people shutting me down is that they are either:

  • Media figures silencing the popular competition, or
  • Jews who don’t want people to know about their agenda

I have rarely seen anyone else engaged in any serious effort to silence freedom of speech on the internet. In fact, I don’t really even see women doing it. Certainly black people don’t care.

As a right-winger, I would be happy to see an orthodox Marxist critique of Star Trek: Picard. I would be happy to see an orthodox Jewish critique of the show. It would be interesting. I do not have an emotional breakdown when I am exposed to ideas that I don’t agree with, and in fact I enjoy challenging my own beliefs by comparing them to the beliefs of others. However, if I ever did end up in a situation where something someone wrote on the internet caused me to have an emotional breakdown somehow, I would not be advocating to silence people’s speech.

I am an advocate for more speech, including and even especially speech from people I disagree with, as I believe I am right and that if I have free access to an open marketplace of ideas, my ideas will win out. And clearly, that is what happened when I became the number one news article for Star Trek fans on the Google News app – I won the marketplace of ideas.

So the competition had to shut me down.

That was Depressing in the Extreme

Again: we got so many hits that the IT staff thought it was an attack.

Because the fact of reality is: I am still the best journalist on the internet. Given the option, people will choose my materials over the materials of the mainstream Jewish media.

This situation, while a nice reminder of my own ability to produce viral content, is also a very sad reminder of what was taken away from me by a clearly illegal system to silence freedom of speech on the internet, and a government that refuses to do anything to protect the rights of the people.

If America actually was committed to protecting the First Amendment, the Daily Stormer would be a massive multi-million dollar enterprise competing with CNN and every other Jewish outlet. So would Infowars.

What supposedly makes America “the greatest country on earth” is the ability of anyone to do anything. But the caveat is “as long as the Jews are okay with it and the media doesn’t view you as a threat.” Because it isn’t even “as long as you don’t criticize the Jews” – Alex Jones doesn’t criticize the Jews, and he is almost as banned as I am, because CNN decided to lobby to have his very popular media operation banned from everything.

They literally engaged in a months-long campaign to have him shut down, then went around bragging about it.

Of course, that was only possible because they had already shut me down. CNN basically said to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube: “this is just as bad as the Nazis you’ve already banned, so you’d better ban this too, or we’re just going to keep talking about how you support shooting kids at Sandy Hook.”

They’ve gone on to ban entire sections of the internet, including basic Trump supporters. And you’re going to live to see them ban Bernie supporters. They already started cleansing Twitter of them when they were calling out the sabotage in Iowa, just saying that by questioning the extremely shady processes of that caucus, they were doing “election meddling” and “attacking democracy.”

When this primary season really gets rolling, you’re going to see all the Bernie people cleansed under the guise of “Russian hacking” and whatever – just imagine the stupidest reasoning you can think of, and that’s the excuse they’ll give for banning these people.

Bernie supporter Jimmy Dore already knew this was going to happen a long time ago, and called out the New York Times for framing the narrative of a “YouTube rabbit hole” that turns people into Jew-gassing Nazis.

What’s more, beyond the mass bannings of basically all interesting content, there’s been an extreme chilling effect, and people who were saying some sort of interesting things, such as Sargon of Akkad, have rolled it back and simply stopped saying anything interesting to ensure they don’t get banned from everything. I’ve seen a lot of YouTube entertainment critics scale back their language and the scope of their discussion in order to try to avoid being banned.

It is truly horrible, what has happened. The internet was such a wonderful idea – this place where we could all just share our ideas, in a fully DEMOCRATIC system where a random blogger is potentially as popular as the biggest news outlets in the world.

But alas. That world is gone.

It was taken from us by Jews and the journalists, the lowest and most pathetic people on planet earth.

And it has become clear that it isn’t coming back.

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