Mitch McConnell’s Unhinged Anti-Trump Rant Shows These People Do Not Represent Us – Time to Stop Voting

Mitch is going nuts!

This was like the infamous Greta Thunberg speech at the UN!

How dare Donald Trump steal his childhood!

The Hill:

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) on Saturday unleashed blistering criticism of former President Trump, blaming him for sparking the attack on the Capitol while also explaining why he didn’t vote for a conviction.

McConnell also suggested that Trump could face criminal prosecution for his actions.

There’s no question, none, that President Trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of the day. No question about it. The people that stormed this building believed they were acting on the wishes and instructions of their president,” McConnell said.

“And having that belief was a foreseeable consequence of the growing crescendo of false statements, conspiracy theories and reckless hyperbole, which the defeated president kept shouting into the largest megaphone on the Earth,” McConnell added.

McConnell’s remarks came after the Senate fell short of the 67 votes needed to convict Trump. Though McConnell voted to acquit him, arguing it fell outside the Senate’s jurisdiction, his remarks are a stinging rebuke of Trump’s actions and rhetoric.

McConnell said the mob breached the Capitol because it was fed “wild falsehoods” by Trump, who was “angry he had lost an election.”

McConnell, like most Senate Republicans, refused to acknowledge for weeks that President Biden had won the election. But he publicly congratulated Biden on the floor in mid-December after the Electoral College certified the victory.

McConnell marked the day as when Trump “opened up a new chapter of wilder and more unfounded claims.”

“The leader of the free world cannot spend weeks thundering that shadowy forces are stealing our country and then feign surprise,” the GOP leader said, adding that Trump “seemed determined to either overturn the voters decision or else torch our institutions on the way out.”

Here’s the full 20 minute speech, in case you want to torture someone by forcing them to watch it.

Okay so.

That is… whatever that is. It is what it is.

But here’s the trillion dollar question: how could anyone on earth, including Mitch McConnell himself, make the argument that Mitch McConnell is fit to lead a Republican Party which overwhelmingly still supports Donald Trump?

Here is the current poll data, via Newsweek:

The latest poll by CBS News/YouGov, which was conducted from February 5 to 8, shows that 33 percent (one-third) of Republicans said “yes” when asked if they would join a new party formed by Trump. An additional 37 percent said “maybe,” meaning 70 percent would join or consider joining a Trump-centered party. Just 30 percent of Republicans said “no.”

Additionally, 71 percent of Republicans said that GOP lawmakers who voted to impeach Trump or will support his conviction are “disloyal.” Only 29 percent said they viewed these lawmakers as “principled.” And just 21 percent of Republicans said they believed Trump encouraged the January 6 violence against the U.S. Capitol, for which he was impeached for a second time a week later on January 13.

Remember that polls generally, and CBS News/YouGov, both skew left.

But imagine: according to official numbers, Mitch McConnell’s irate outburst represents only one in five Republican voters.

It defies basic logic and reason that a man so disconnected from the mainstream of the party would be fit to lead the party.

Just to try to give some kind of context to this, about one in five Democrats oppose gun control (also according to a YouGov poll).

So Mitch McConnell’s speech is the literal equivalent of Chuck Schumer getting up and giving an impassioned speech about how the right to bear arms shall not be infringed.

And not even just a normal pro-gun speech, but a nutty one, where he started aggressively saying we need government research into new secret guns that fold up and look like iPhones.

This is Absurd. Just Stop Voting.

I’m actually glad Mitch is going all in, as I think this really just makes it absolutely clear to everyone what is going on here. The Republican Party does not, in any way, represent the average Republican voter. In my personal opinion, it is time to stop voting.

If we do not vote, then these people can no longer claim to be our legitimate rulers.

Most importantly: there is zero risk. We lose absolutely nothing by not voting.

The Democrats have already solidified their single party rule, and there is no way that can be changed through elections.

You can and should vote in local elections, and you should run in local elections. That is going to matter. There is a very good chance that in the near future, this country is going to start coming unglued, and local sheriffs, mayors, councilors, comptrollers, and so on are going to matter.

But with the national elections: you will be empowered by being able to say: “I didn’t vote for these people.”

What’s more: I think there is a kind of satanic ritual at work here, where when you vote for these people, you give them power. We have to remove consent.

What They Mean by “Unity”

I know this talk of “unity” while they hunt people down sounds insane to people, but here’s what it means: it is unity between the Republican and Democrat politicians.

See, that makes sense right now, right?

They view Donald Trump as dividing them from each other.

These people are all good friends and colleagues.

Having Trump among them felt to them like it would feel to you to have a schizophrenic homeless person show up at a fancy cocktail party, with half the attendants ostensibly being obliged to agree with him and do whatever he wants them to do.

Now that he’s gone, these are unifying back together.

That is what McConnell’s deranged Greta-style denouncement speech was about.

And it’s why White Christians need to have nothing further to do with this satanic Republican Doom Machine.