Negro Crashes Into Car While Fleeing from Police, Seriously Injures White Female Driver

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
February 13, 2020

Ronald Paris

What kind of society allows blacks to drive?

Doesn’t that strike people as a little foolhardy, given the whole “didn’t even invent the wheel” thing?

Mass Live:

Authorities identified a 35-year-old man as the suspect in a Wednesday night police chase through Worcester and West Boylston that cut across multiple highways.

A Massachusetts State Police trooper was responding to the area of the pursuit around midnight when he was involved in a crash with a 2008 Ford Focus that seriously injured a 29-year-old Townsend woman.

The Worcester resident accused of leading the police chase, Ronald G. Paris, was arrested on several charges, including assault with a dangerous weapon, driving an uninsured and unregistered motor vehicle, failure to stop for police and negligent operation of a motor vehicle, according to state police. He was charged with several other traffic violations as well.

A trooper was on patrol on Lincoln Street shortly before 11:50 p.m. in Worcester when he ran the registration of a black Chevrolet Equinox and found it had been revoked due to an insurance violation, state police said. The trooper tried to stop the car by activating his lights and siren, but the driver allegedly sped up, leading to a westbound chase on Interstate 290.

Paris, who was allegedly driving the car, came to a stop east of Exit 20, but as the trooper began to exit his cruiser, he sped off again and entered Interstate 190 westbound through Exit 19. The Worcester man then took Exit 4 to West Boylston, drove back to Worcester near Route 12 and continued the pursuit through the city’s Lincoln Village neighborhood, according to authorities.

A third cruiser eventually reached Paris on Constitution Avenue, where the Worcester man allegedly came to a complete stop, got out of his car and fled the scene. Troopers caught up to him after a foot chase and determined he was the most recent registered owner of the Equinox, authorities said.

During the pursuit, the suspect allegedly swerved his car to strike another state police cruiser that responded to the scene, but the trooper was able to avoid a collision. Paris is also accused of crossing multiple marked lanes, failing to stop at stop at signs, not yielding as required and driving in a way that posed a threat to other drivers, according to state police.


A woman hit by a police cruiser during a police car chase is recovering in the hospital, but her family says it has been a struggle. Her friends and family still want answers as to how the crash happened.

Julie Oetinger is the lifelong best friend of 29-year-old Sarah Stevens, of Townsend, who is in the ICU at UMass Memorial Medical Center after being hit by a State Police car when a trooper was responding to a call last month on Route 12 in Leominster.

Sarah Stevens

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