Negro Faces Up to 50 Years for Burning His Mudshark to Death in Abandoned Trailer

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
February 14, 2020

She wanted to burn the coal, but instead she became the coal.

And what a suitably trashy place for it to happen!


A Sacramento man faces up to 50 years in prison after being found guilty of murder and arson on Tuesday.

William Thomas was found guilty of killing 28-year-old Aryanna Doyle in a burning trailer on Easter Sunday.

According to court records, Doyle met Thomas at a park on March 31, 2018. He had been seen lighting garbage on fire at the park. The pair left the park together and went to the abandoned trailer home.

William Thomas

The next morning, firefighters responded to a fire at an abandoned trailer in North Highlands. Firefighters found Doyle’s burned body inside the trailer. Surveillance footage showed Thomas leaving the burned trailer minutes after the fire department was called.

According to the District Attorney’s crime lab, Doyle was still alive when the fire started. Additionally, Thomas’ semen was found during Doyle’s autopsy.

Thomas had a prior strike conviction in 2003 for battery causing serious bodily injury.

Aryanna Doyle

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