New York: The People Scream at CNN Over the Coronavirus Fake News Hoax…!

The backlash against the media that we’ve all been waiting for is finally here.

Watch this video.

This is from an anti-lockdown protest in New York.

It is from the camera of a CNN reporter, who is berated for promoting the coronavirus fake news hoax.

This is the angriest I have ever seen people. Ever. They are outraged at what the media has done, working with the government to hoax the idea that this virus poses a significant danger to people who are not elderly or chronically ill.

It does not pose such a danger. We know that now as an absolute matter of fact. But the media continues to hoax the population, they continue to pretend as if the virus is going to kill everyone, and they continue to make outrageous demands of the people.

They are openly promoting forced vaccinations. They are claiming that this lockdown has to continue indefinitely until this vaccine exists, at which point the military will be unleashed on the population to force the vaccine on them.

For months, the media refused to talk about what this lockdown has done to the economy. Now that they are talking about it, they’re continuing to pretend as though it will all go back to normal, even as they promote the idea of a years-long lockdown.

They are viciously attacking the people that don’t want to go along with this. When they report on the protests, they will only show these faggots with their guns and faggot costumes.

They are supporting pieces of shit like Governor Cunt to the point where we have to ask if it is satire.

They let the nagging dumb bitch publish op-eds so they can all link to it and talk about how much she loves safety.

“We’re just making basic decisions for all grown adults because we want to protect them from making bad choices.”

They are supporting Governor Limpwristed Faggot in Wisconsin.

They are saying these sickening weirdos who think they are our mommies are “saving lives” by preventing adults from making adult decisions.

They are even attacking Sweden for refusing the lockdown, claiming that Sweden doesn’t care about its people, claiming that they have a high death rate when in fact they have a lower death rate than most countries that did the lockdown.

(Note that they actually admit that their death rate was lower than “many countries.”)

They’re viciously and maliciously promoting the Kawasaki syndrome hoax, instead of viewing it with any kind of critical lens, as a way to introduce a new fear into the population. They will not mention that the instances of Kawasaki disease are the same as they always were.

They compulsively publish fear porn about nonsense like that talking will release secret drops of the virus that will infect you. Obviously, any virus – any germ – can live in tiny particles of spit. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to infect you. It also doesn’t mean that the virus is deadly. But they just continue to build on the underlying hoax that this virus is harmful to anyone under 65 who is not chronically ill.

The media makes these claims even as they begrudgingly admit that lockdown countries are collapsing the psychological health of the population.

They will also admit that the disease is never going to go away – without explaining that this obviously means that we’re just going to have to deal with the fact that some old and chronically ill people are going to die from it and all we can reasonably expect to do is our best to protect those that are vulnerable.

The entire media narrative is completely insane and has the singular agenda of keeping people in a state of fear in order to continue this lockdown indefinitely, while also stripping people of all of their freedoms so that the government can do whatever they want to them.

What they are doing is absolutely criminal. It cannot be justified. They are using mass psychological manipulation to destroy a country.

People have very good reason to be angry.

They are only going to continue to get angrier.

Our job as people who have known about the evil of this government for a long time and understand how it works is to stand by these people who are protesting, to help them and to offer them leadership as they continue to do battle against this beast.

All of you need to get involved in these protests. If there are no protests in your area, you need to plan them yourself. People will come. I promise you that. More and more people will continue to come as more and more people wake up to what has happened here – what the government and the media have done to our country, done to our lives.