Pennsylvania Governor Calls People Who Reopen “Cowards,” Threatens to Cut Funding

I must say yet again: we do not know why we are locked down.

The purpose for the lockdown, when they implemented it, was to “flatten the curve.” That is, they wanted to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed by stretching out the timeframe of the infections. It became clear within the first week of the lockdown, certainly by the second week, that the hospitals would not be overwhelmed, then for some reason we just stayed locked down.

People like Israeli terrorist Zeke Emanuel went on TV saying that we would stay locked down until there was a vaccine, which I guess is at least a stated purpose. But there is no vaccine. And the government is saying we’re going to open up. But we have to do it very slowly, they say.

Why? Flatten the curve is over, and we’re apparently not doing the “wait for a vaccine” thing, so what is the purpose of slowly opening up?

None of it makes any sense and these people literally have not even attempted to explain any of it.

This is the most insane thing anyone has ever seen in their life because it is the most insane thing that has ever happened in all of human history.

The Pennsylvania governor is issuing threats and doing name-calling against people who are tired of this insanity.

It’s just frankly unbelievable that this weasel piece of snakeshit has the nerve to claim that the people he has driven into poverty without ever giving a clear explanation as to why he did it are “cowards.”


Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf issued a warning Monday about the consequences for counties and businesses that plan to reopen in defiance of his shutdown order.

State lawmakers and county leaders in several Susquehanna Valley counties have sent Wolf letters informing him of their intention to move to the yellow phase of his reopening plan, with or without his permission.

During a news conference, Wolf urged Pennsylvanians to stay the course in the fight against the coronavirus. He said reopening early is a cowardly act.

“Over this past weekend, some have decided to surrender to this enemy. These are politicians who were elected to serve their fellow citizens. Others are business owners who have chosen to serve their customers by putting them in harm’s way. These folks are choosing to desert in the face of the enemy, in the middle of a war that we Pennsylvanians are winning and that we must win,” Wolf said.

Wolf said reopening decisions are based on the advice of scientists, medical professionals, and the state’s epidemiologists. Case counts, modeling, geographic location, contact tracing and testing capabilities are taken into account, Wolf said. Each county is considered individually before it is placed in the red, yellow or green phases.

I cannot allow residents in a red county to get sick because their local officials can’t see the invisible risk of the virus in their community. So, I must and I will impose consequences if a county locally lifts restrictions when it has not yet been given the go-ahead by the state,” Wolf said.

It’s unbelievable that these people think they are our mommies.

No one is forcing anyone to leave their house.

If people are as scared of the virus as Tom Wolf is, they can stay inside. The government has no right to make this choice for people, regardless of what this virus is. We know as an absolute fact that this virus has virtually no effect on young people, and that most of them catch it, get over it and develop antibodies to it without ever knowing they had it.

But that doesn’t even matter. Whatever the risks involved, people have a right to make their own life choices. That is what it means to be an adult. Adults are allowed to go swimming (where they have the same chances of dying as they do if they catch the coronavirus and get sick enough to go to the hospital).

As the Michigan barber Karl Manke said when Ultra-Cunt Gretchen Whitmer told him he was being issued tickets for his own safety: none of us are looking for a new mother. We are all adults.

It has never been an American idea that the government has a right to be your mommy and keep you safe against your will.

But now apparently that is a core American ideal, and they’re allowed to do it while driving you into poverty for a risk that doesn’t even exist for most people.

The governor also threatened people who would reopen with financial punishment.

Listen, you sonovabitch: you’ve already destroyed everyone’s business. Literally, every small business is permanently destroyed. You’ve put at least half the state out of work, when this is all said and done. And it will probably be more. Threatening people you’ve destroyed like this with financial consequences is totally deranged.

At this point you might as well tell people you’re going to withhold food from them if they don’t follow mommy’s orders. Because due to what you’ve done, virtually the entire state of Pennsylvania is going to be relying on the government for food handouts in order to prevent starvation.

Trump is out there saying whatever. What he’s not saying is the obvious: that no one can explain why we are locked down at all.

Of course, it isn’t simply that the restrictions are being left in place to hurt Trump, it’s that they were enacted in the first place largely for that purpose.

That, and to completely collapse the economy, destroy the middle class and take away everyone’s rights.

But of course, the two things are interlinked. The people that the government wants to destroy are the people who support Donald Trump: the white working and middle classes, the real American people.

If this country was all black and brown people, it would already be functioning like a third world country, and there would be no need to collapse the economy, because the economy would already be run as a zombie economy, with a tiny elite minority ruling over a mass of poor people.

This was about breaking the back of the people of this country.

They won.

It’s over.

Our back is broken.