President Says Coronavirus Diagnosis was a Blessing from God!

I just completely lost my shit when Donald Trump’s newest video opened with “hi, perhaps you recognize me – it’s your favorite president!” There are literal coffee stains on my wallpaper.

He says he’s hopped up on some hot juice called “Regeneron.” I’m trying to get ahold of some of it myself, as it appears to put you in the best mood. He says he’s going to give it to us all for free, and we need it, let me tell you.

The President said that the diagnosis was a blessing from God. It obviously was such a thing.

CNN is lying about this video, like the Jews that they are:

The appearance, his first since returning from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, was taped Wednesday afternoon in the Rose Garden by White House staff. Trump seemed upbeat, but his voice still sounded breathless at points and he appeared to be wearing make-up.

Parts of the video looked edited. In it, Trump framed his ongoing bout with the virus as a net positive.

Meanwhile, they are also publishing other articles saying he is lying and he never even had the virus.

I’m so totally and completely exhausted by Jews.

These people just got caught in the single biggest political scandal ever in the history of the entire known universe, and they just say, “okay, well guys, another day – let’s go out there and spread some really poisonous, nation-destroying bullshit to the helpless goyim.”

It’s just incredible, the absolute nerve of the Jews and their shills like Joe Biden.