Real American Burns Massive Pro-Biden Sign That Invaded Rural Massachusetts

Clearly, the only person who would put a Joe Biden display in a rural area is an urbanite who has invaded our blessed rural groves.

Further, the urbanite scum would only do it to be anti-social. He isn’t going to convince anyone who doesn’t come from his cesspit to vote for the destruction of our country.

So, you’d think he wouldn’t be shocked at a less than social response to what amounts to an act of social terrorism.

New York Post:

An enormous Joe Biden display made from 19 bales of hay was set ablaze across from a Massachusetts farm on Friday, a report said.

The political message, which read “USA — Vote Biden Harris 2020,” was built by Dicken Crane, owner of Holiday Brook Farm, and a few other helpers a day before it was torched, Boston 25 News reported.

Dalton police on Saturday announced the arrest of 49-year-old suspect Lonnie Durfe, who was charged with arson.

“The guy who did this was bragging in a bar that he was going to do it in front of a whole bunch of people and then when he went to the gas station to get the gas, he was bragging there that he was going to do it,” Crane told the news station.

Crane said the idea to construct the massive display came about after other area signs in support of Biden’s campaign were reported stolen.

“We were seeing a lot of big Trump banners and only a few little small Biden signs that people kept complaining were being stolen, so we got the idea no one’s going to steal 1,200-pound round bales,” said Crane.

Crane conceded he anticipated to attract some troublemakers, but nothing like what came to be.

“We expected there might be some vandalism, but we never expected somebody would douse it with gasoline and set it on fire,” said Crane. “It was very worrisome somebody would set those bales on fire, you had to wonder whether he would be willing to set a barn on fire.”


People hate you because you’re trying to destroy America.

Frankly, you deserve much worse, as all supporters of the Democrats do.

Pray to God that He burns the Democrats in the election like this vile sign hath been put to waste.