Russian Fake Greta Pranks Bernie Sanders, Gets Him to Agree to be in a Rap Video Wearing Gold Chains

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 14, 2020

The media is not reporting on these Russian prank calls to politicians using a fake Greta Thunberg, so apparently politicians are not aware that it is happening.

The calls are made by the comedy duo Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexey Stolyarov, known by the stage names Vovan and Lexus, who have a long history of doing these calls and posting them on the internet.

They’ve called Elliot Abrams, Lindsey Graham, Adam Schiff and Emmanuel Macron. Both Joaquin Phoenix and Maxine Waters have been victims of the fake Greta. Waters has actually fallen for the same hoax twice.

When they do mention these pranks, the Western media has of course accused them of being “tools of the Kremlin,” but I don’t even know what that means. They are Russians who promote the interests of Russia, and I guess everyone Russian who likes Russia is a tool of the Kremlin. Of course, the obvious reverse of that would be that the Kremlin is a tool of the Russian people to promote their collective interests, but the Western view is that Russia is “oppressing” the Russian people in some way (primarily related to restricting anal sex with men and Syrian gas babies).

Vovan and Lexus’ fake Greta has a thick Russian accent. I’m sure they could find a girl with an accent more like Greta’s actual accent, which is bastardized England English, but I think the fact that the girl is obviously Russian is part of the joke.

In her call with Bernie, fake Greta started out by saying she would be happy to endorse the communist leader at a campaign event. She went on to say that Sanders should be in a rap video with Billie Eilish and Kanye West, where he would wear gold chains and appear in front of luxury cars. Bernie laughed and said “okay.”

They then started talking about Russia and Bernie’s trip to the Soviet Union. Fake Greta asked if Bernie thought he had been monitored by the KGB during his trip. The call ended with Fake Greta saying that Bernie had been programmed as a Manchurian candidate by the KGB, and that she, herself a Russian agent, was now going to activate him with a code. Sanders then ended the call.

I think Bernie should actually do the rap video. Though I’m not sure that Kanye would agree to be involved, as he is still on the Trump Train.

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