Spooky: Nobel Prize Winner Says There was a Universe Before the Universe

The universe before the universe was a spooky universe.

Frankly, a lot of astrophysics just sounds like Kabbalistic gibberish.

The Independent:

There was an earlier universe before the Big Bang, and evidence for its existence can still be observed in black holes, a Nobel Prize-winning physicist has said.

Sir Roger Penrose made the claim after recently winning the award for breakthroughs in Einstein’s general theory of relativity and proof of the existence of black holes.

Sir Roger argues that the existence of unexplained spots of electromagnetic radiation in the sky – known as ‘Hawking Points’ – are remnants of a previous universe.

It is part of the “conformal cyclic cosmology” theory of the universe, and it is suggested that these points are the final expulsion of energy called ‘Hawking radiation’, transferred by black holes from the older universe.

Black holes are a region of space where matter has collapsed on itself, and has such a high gravitational force that not even light can escape.

Such an event may be occuring in the centre of our galaxy; Reinhard Genzel and Andrea Ghez, who shared the Nobel Prize with Sir Roger, offered the most compelling evidence of a supermassive black hole in the middle of the Milky Way.

There is a possibility that the timescale for the complete evaporation of a black hole could be longer than the age of our current universe, and therefore could not be detected.

“I claim that there is observation of Hawking radiation. The Big Bang was not the beginning. There was something before the Big Bang and that something is what we will have in our future”, Sir Roger said, according to The Telegraph.

The “Big Bang,” black holes, alternate universes – there is no actual evidence for any of this stuff. It is all just basically made up whole cloth, then they claim there is theoretical math to indicate it might be true.

The basis for the theoretical math? Other theoretical math.

That theoretical math is based on the theoretical math of a… Jewish genius.

Who knows – maybe it’s all real. I doubt it, but sure, who the hell knows?

But the point is: they print this stuff in the news and even teach it in schools as if it is somehow factual, and it is very far from that.

Now they’re saying there was a universe before the universe, and they’re saying the guy who said it is a genius.

Roger Penrose is also Jewish. Just in case anyone is, you know, keeping score on that front.

I’m about to go out there and be like, “another universe was before the universe that was before our universe, but then there were too many black holes, so it got pulled into a vortex and then there was so much gravity that it created a proto-big bang to create the universe that was destroyed to make our universe.”

If I said that, they would give me money. Except actually they wouldn’t, because I’m not Jewish.

This is not serious science.

Frankly, all of this stuff is suspiciously aligned with weird Jewish occultism.

At the very least, all of this stuff is much closer to religious mythology than it is to anything resembling the scientific method of observation and falsifiable theories.