Teenage Girls are More Likely to Use Violence and Harass Their Partners Than Boys, Study Finds

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 14, 2020

Pictured: average teenage girl in a relationship.

This is obviously the consequence of teaching men not to rape and telling women about how they were constantly raped in the past. It’s payback for all of the horrors that the Female Race has suffered at the hands of men.

Now it’s their turn to abuse.

Study Finds:

Defined as using technology to repeatedly harass a love interest, partner, or crush in order to coerce, control, intimidate, threaten, or just plain old annoy, digital dating abuse has developed into a disturbingly common phenomenon. The research team analyzed over 2,200 U.S. middle and high school students, and 28.1% admitted they had been subjected to a form of online dating abuse over the past year.

Perhaps surprisingly, the study also noted that boys (32.3%) appear to be experiencing this type of abuse more often than girls (23.6%). Across all variations, boys were more likely to have experienced a form of digital dating abuse. In fact, boys were also more likely to have experienced physical aggression from their partner. Besides these gender fluctuations, researchers didn’t find any significant demographic differences regarding rate of digital abuse among varying races, ages, or sexual orientations.

In all, 2,218 adolescents between the ages of 12 and 17 who had been in a romantic relationship took part in the study. Examples of digital abuse given by participants included their partner looking through their phone without permission, having their phone flat out stolen by their partner, being threatened via text, their partner posting something embarrassing or hurtful about them online, or their partner posting a private image online without their consent.

Besides online abuse, 35.9% of participants also said they’ve been a victim of offline dating abuse (being pushed, shoved, hit, threatened physically, called names, etc).

Specific to heterosexual relationships, girls may use more violence on their boyfriends to try to solve their relational problems, while boys may try to constrain their aggressive impulses when trying to negotiate discord with their girlfriends,” says Sameer Hinduja, Ph.D., lead author and a professor in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice within FAU’s College for Design and Social Inquiry, and co-director of the Cyberbullying Research Center, in a release. “It’s unfortunate to be thinking about dating abuse as we approach one of the most romantic days of the year, Valentine’s Day. However, it is clear that digital dating abuse affects a meaningful proportion of teenagers, and we need to model and educate youth on what constitutes a healthy, stable relationship and what betrays a dysfunctional, problematic one.”

Predictably, there was a major connection between being harassed online by a partner and also experiencing abuse in person. In all, 81% of students who had experienced digital dating abuse also reported being subjected to more traditional forms of romantic harassment.

Okay, so here’s how women work, basically:

Women are vessels. You either fill them with your seed or demons fill them with their whims.

In other words: if men don’t control women, women are controlled by demons.

We’ve really allowed ourselves to be walked into a corner here with all of these Respect Women laws that keep men from slapping these whores into submission.

Now, if we’re talking about submission, one weird trick that is one hundred percent guaranteed to work on all women all of the time without you having to raise your hand at them is to just literally grab them by the pussy.

Pictured: the face they make when they’re grabbed by the pussy.

Grabbing women by the pussy is actually probably the easiest non-violent way to control them.

The moment your fingers reach her genitals she enters what I like to call Can’t Even Mode, which is a state of being where women literally cannot even do anything about what transpires around them.

But we’ve also allowed ourselves to be legally locked out of that helpful pacifying trick.

So how do we deal with uppity and aggressive women?

First, understand that women are not people, not human, and not really sentient.

They are just toys meant to keep you company and carry your reproductive device for you.

Kinda like some AI robot that cannot stop itself from talking nonsense.

Don’t ever attempt to engage them with logic. They have none.

You cannot win an argument with women using words.

With women, you have to argue using feelings.

Change what they feel. Don’t let them change what you feel.

Impose your will on the interaction.

Smile, grin, laugh, be playful, and force her to realize that she has no effect on you and no effect on the world.

She is small, she is tiny, she is insignificant.

These entertainment devices have no will of their own — but even if they had one, they have no way to impose it on the world.

One of the dumbest things I’ve read in my entire life is that “women are the gatekeepers of sex.”

Women literally cannot gatekeep shit.

In an environment that is true to nature, if a woman gatekeeps anything from you, then you’re not a man because men are naturally above women in might.

We can just take whatever we want from women.

The corrupt system we live in, on the other hand, creates the illusion of women being able to do stuff. It encourages men to view women as creatures that can gatekeep stuff from them. If something can be gatekept from you, it means that you need permission in order to obtain it, and that mindset inevitably results in a sick, destructive quest for the approval of women.

But Pomidor, how do I smile and laugh when she’s coming at me with her mean words and actual violence?

Understand the absurdity of this situation we live in.

Understand that basically, women are C-3PO.

And laugh at them.

Laugh at the absurd situation.

Laugh at the world.

Laugh at the universe.

Because you know the truth.

You know your real place.

You know this is just an illusion.

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