The Coronavirus Hoax is the Russia Hoax on Steroids

Last week, transcripts were released that would have meant a lot to me back when I was pumping out 50,000 words a week on the Russia hoax (full list at the bottom of the page, for posterity). Where we are now, these documents, which prove definitively that no one in the government ever even believed in the Russia hoax in the first place, hardly phased me. Even with the admission that Crowdstrike never had evidence that Russia hacked the DNC server, which is something that I was virtually the only person saying. It was a pet issue I suppose that I went big on, doubling and tripling and sextupling down on, and I’ve been vindicated, as Shawn Henry is now on record saying he never had any evidence that Russia hacked the DNC.

This was on my list of things to write about last week, but I missed it, then stopped thinking about it.

Firstly, I no longer have much desire to defend Donald Trump. He went along with this hoax. He said Russia hacked the DNC. Then he let these fiends take over his presidency, after he’d vowed to save America. More importantly, there are bigger issues at hand, presently. The Russia hoax was just a run-up to this virus hoax, which is the killshot for America. It is ushering in the final Jewish takeover, from which there will be no turning back. We have been swallowed whole and are now in the belly of the beast.

The only relevance of the Russia hoax now is to put the coronavirus hoax in perspective.

Tucker Carlson had a great segment last week following the release of the documents. He called for Adam Schiff and everyone else involved to resign.

He also pointed out – and this is really the key to all of it – that most of this hoax was taking place when the Republicans controlled both the House and Senate, and it was thus Republicans that allowed this. There were just as many Republicans saying that “Russia meddled in our democracy” as there were Democrats saying it, and they said it almost as loudly.

“Things fall apart when high-level officials do things like this for political reasons,” Tucker said.

That is what we are witnessing now. The coronavirus hoax was staged for political reasons. Our entire economy was collapsed, the middle class and all small businesses utterly wiped out, all of our most basic freedoms stripped from us, on the back of a dumb flu hoax that is actually in fact dumber than the Russian hacking hoax.

And things are going to fall apart. You are going to witness everything fall apart, right in front of your eyes.

It is the exact same machinery in use: the government is working hand-in-glove with the media to push the people into believing in a total fantasy for political reasons. This is the final, ultimate power-grab, where the people are going to be forced into total slavery under a brutal authoritarian government.

It’s everything that Alex Jones said was going to happen, unfolding before our eyes in slow motion.

The people, having been raised on lies, and having gone to the point where most of them believed in that Russian hoax, are ready to go along with anything. The Russia hoax was a dry-run to see how many people you could get to go along with something that was completely made up. A totally baseless fantasy.

Now the government is telling you they’re going to save you from the flu, the only thing that is necessary is for you to surrender everything to them.

Here we are.

You are not getting your freedoms back. You’re not getting your job back. Your business isn’t coming back. They’re not even going to let you out of your house for any extended period of time.

This was made possible because the people became decadent and stupid. We are now getting what we deserve.

Full list of transcripts follows

1. Interview of Rinat Akhmetshin
2. Interview of Steve Bannon (February 16, 2018)
3. Interview of Andrew Brown
4. Interview of John Carlin
5. Interview of Thomas Catan
6. Interview of James Clapper
7. Interview of Michael Caputo
8. Interview of Steve Bannon (January 16, 2018)
9. Interview of Dan Coats
10. Interview of Diana Denman
11. Interview of Marc Elias
12. Interview of Samuel Clovis
13. Interview of Boris Ephsteyn
14. Interview of Evelyn Farkas
15. Interview of Peter Fritsch
16. Interview of Michael Goldfarb
17. Interview of Rick Dearborn
18. Interview of Michael Cohen (October 24, 2017)
19. Interview of Rhona Graff
20. Interview of Shawn Henry
21. Interview of Rob Goldstone
22. Interview of Jeffrey Gordon
23. Interview of Ike Kaveladze
24. Interview of David Kramer (December 19, 2017)
24 a. Letter from David Kramer’s lawyer to the committee (December 23, 2017)
25. Interview of David Kramer (January 10, 2018)
25 a. Letter from David Kramer’s lawyer to the committee (January 5, 2018)
25 b. Letter from David Kramer’s lawyer to the committee (January 10, 2018)
26. Interview of Hope Hicks
27. Interview of Jared Kushner
28. Interview of Loretta Lynch
29. Interview of Andrew McCabe
30. Interview of Mary McCord
31. Interview of Alexander Nix
32. Interview of Carter Page
33. Interview of Brad Parscale
34. Interview of Walid Phares
35. Interview of Corey Lewandowski (January 17, 2018)
36. Interview of Corey Lewandowski (March 8, 2018)
37. Interview of John Podesta (June 27, 2017)
38. Interview of John Podesta (December 4, 2017)
39. Interview of Samantha Power
40. Interview of Simona Mangiante
41. Interview of Erik Prince
41a. Letter from the committee to the Department of Justice
42. Interview of Benjamin Rhodes
43. Interview of Susan Rice
44. Interview of Jonathan Saffron
45. Interview of Jeff Sessions
46. Interview of Anatoli Samochornov
47. Interview of Felix Sater
48. Interview of Roger Stone
49. Interview of Jake Sullivan
50. Interview of Michael Sussman
51. Interview of Matthew Tait
52. Interview of Yared Tamene Wolde-Yohannes
53. Interview of a witness whose name is redacted
54. Interview of Keith Schiller
55. Interview of Sally Yates
56. Interview of Donald Trump Jr.
57. Interview of Christopher Wylie