The FBI is Racist – Time to Shut Er Down

The FBI is rotten to the core with hatred for dark colors of skin.

CBS News:

During his 21 years as an FBI special agent, Eric Jackson fought for his fellow Black agents every chance he got, eventually rising to lead the bureau’s Black Affairs Diversity Committee.

“I think I gave it all to the FBI,” Jackson said. To this day, he swears he loves the organization. Still, Jackson told CBS News, “When the culture is not conducive to minorities, you have an obligation to speak out.”

“The seventh floor in the FBI is where decisions and policies are made,” Jackson told CBS News. “Right now, there are no African Americans on the seventh floor.”

Of the top 10 leadership positions in the FBI, all are currently held by White men.

Jackson is one of several Black former FBI special agents who told CBS News the bureau’s lack of diversity raises questions about its ability to fairly investigate the police killings in Minneapolis, Louisville and Kenosha, Wisconsin, that have roiled the country and triggered a racial reckoning. Currently, only 4% of the 13,000 FBI agents around the world are Black, a number that has stayed virtually the same for decades.

“I believe a crisis is happening,” said Eric Jackson who was the special agent in charge of the FBI’s Dallas field office until he retired last year. “If we don’t look like the community we serve, how can that community trust us?”

There’s only one solution here and that is to permanently shut down the FBI and replace it with a council made up of the two top black organizations: the Bloods and the Crips.

I am hereby endorsing the FBI being completely replaced with black gangs.

Not only will this give full representation to black people – representation that they deserve, because of slavery and whatever – but also, there is zero chance that black crack cocaine gangs could ever be as corrupt as the FBI.

Shut er down.