Twitter Blocks Trump’s Tweet Saying We Have to Live with Coronavirus

This is the latest President Trump tweet blocked by Twitter:

They say it is “misleading and potentially harmful.”

They’re also blocking replies and likes.


There are five distinct points in the tweet:

  1. Flu season is coming
  2. Up to 100,000 people die of the flu every year
  3. We can’t close down the country
  4. We have to learn to live with coronavirus
  5. Coronavirus is becoming less lethal

Which of these points are “misleading and potentially harmful”?

I guess it is number 4 and 5?

According to Twitter, we can’t learn to live with it, and it is also not becoming less lethal.

I don’t think it is becoming less lethal, actually. I don’t think it was ever lethal. There is no evidence it was ever lethal. But I get why Trump is saying it is less lethal – he himself, like a moron, was afraid of it in the beginning and fed the hype. Now he has to back away from that, so he is saying it is less lethal.

Also, I want to again blame Tucker Carlson for spreading disinfo from /pol/ to the President.

But look at this:

Jake Tapper, who I want to note is Jewish, quote tweeted the banned tweet and linked to the CDC, claiming that 100,000 dying of the flu is not true.


Reuters, April 29:

America’s worst flu season in recent years was in 2017-2018 when more than 61,000 people died, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention here.

The only deadlier flu seasons were in 1967 when about 100,000 Americans died, 1957 when 116,000 died and the Spanish flu of 1918 when 675,000 died, according to the CDC.

It is just a fact that more than 100,000 people have died before.

Also, the CDC has conversely said that 80,000 died in 2018.

So, I mean – okay, whatever. It happened, Jake.

Deal with it, Jake.

Deal with it, Twitter.

I’m done with these snowflakes.

But seriously though, Donald Trump:

  1. Is 74 years old
  2. Is fat (technically obese)
  3. Doesn’t sleep
  4. Eats McDonald’s every day, also eat other crappy fast food constantly
  5. Got over coronavirus in 3 days, might not even have been sick at all (no evidence he was ever sick at all)

We can’t keep saying that this virus is “deadly” when literally no one dies from it.

It just doesn’t even make any sense, does it?

The CDC says that 200,000 people plus have died from this virus, but they are faking the data. They say that anyone who tests positive for the virus who dies of anything else died of the virus. They also say that you died of the virus WITHOUT A TEST if you have difficulty breathing before you die.

Do you know anyone who died from this virus? Who are these 200,000+ people?

It’s a hoax!


The economy is finished, the jig is up, we’re all doomed – okay.

Just let me in the damn gym, faggots.