US Envoy to Syria Says the Purpose of the War is to Cause a Hassle for Russia

James Jeffrey, from his Facebook page.

Ohhhh. Now I get it!

I’ve been wondering for years what the purpose of this war was!


James Jeffrey, the US special envoy for Syria and defeating the Islamic State, has made quite a frank confession of how he sees his job and that of US troops there: to create a new Vietnam or Afghanistan for Moscow.

“Our military presence, while small, is important for overall calculations. So we urge the Congress, the American people, the president to keep these forces on, but again this isn’t Afghanistan, this isn’t Vietnam, this isn’t a quagmire,” Jeffrey said on Tuesday, during a video event hosted by the Hudson Institute.

“My job is to make it a quagmire for the Russians.”

The arrival of the Russian expeditionary force in late 2015, following an invitation from Damascus, turned the tide of war in Syria. With their assistance, government forces rolled back both Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) terrorists and other militants, including Al-Qaeda affiliates, on multiple fronts – and scuttled US plans for regime change in Damascus.

Jeffrey grudgingly admitted the Russian military has been successful in Syria, but argued “they don’t have a political way out of their problems” with Syrian President Bashar Assad, and the US aims to offer “a way forward” through the UN – presumably referring to Resolution 2254 that Washington has long interpreted as “Assad must go.”

We were told we were fighting Islamic terrorism in Syria. Now we find out we’re actually fighting to cause a hassle for Russia, because of… election hacking, maybe? I don’t really know.

What I do know is that as things get weird domestically, US foreign policy is going to get even weirder.

They’ve got all of us distracted by this idiot coronavirus hoax and the total collapse of our economy caused by this hoax, and they’re just going to go buckwild on the international scene as a result of this.

So, I guess just get ready for that. It’s going to be really easy to draft you when you’re reliant on the US government to eat. They’ll just cut your food card if you don’t report to get sent off to fight whoever.