White Mother Wakes Up to Find Mexican Trying to Rape Her and Her 5-Year-Old Daughter

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
January 27, 2020

As an orange game show host once said: “Somebody’s doing the raping.”

Shame that those “somebodies” are still in America…


A mother has told of her horror at waking up to discover an intruder trying to rape her and her five year-old daughter.

Talaya Waliser, 26, said she woke up on Sunday morning by her little girl in their apartment in Wood Village, Oregon, shortly after 4:30 am.

She said she told her daughter to go back to sleep then began nursing her six-month-old son – which is when she saw the silhouette of a man in her doorway.

Waliser told Fox 12: ‘I was like “Who are you?” and then the light turns on. And, I just realize there is a strange man in my house. His pants were down to his ankles.’

She said she grabbed her son and retreated towards the top of her bed before the man began suffocating, strangling and sexually assaulting her.

Waliser said the man also choked and sexually assaulted her young daughter.

Talaya Waliser and Alfredo Guzman-Padilla.

‘I remember kicking and kicking and kicking. And I remember punching him in the side of the head. And he just was smiling and laughing the whole time,’ she said.

During the attack, Waliser said the man put one hand on her throat and the other over her nose and mouth, scratching her face in the process.

‘I remember him gouging my eye, and that’s what this scratch is,’ she said, pointing to a cut on her face still visible on Tuesday.

‘And he just kept forcing me. And at this point, my daughter comes into my room and starts attacking him, kicking him, scratching him – doing whatever she can,’ Waliser said.

While her daughter struggled with the man, Waliser went for her phone. ‘I’m…looking out the corner of my eye, and I remember clicking on “Dial 911.”

And I locked my phone. And then he caught me – and he grabbed my wrist as I’m trying to put the phone back down.’ she said.

The man then hurled her phone across the room where Waliser said she heard it smash.

‘I was just thinking that I can’t believe ‘So this is it.” I couldn’t breathe. I just remember wanting air. I kept looking in the corner of my eye, seeing my son just screaming.’

‘I couldn’t do anything about it,’ Waliser said, recalling that she then began begging the attacker to stop.

‘I told him, “You don’t have to do this, please stop, you could go. I don’t know who you are, just go – get out of my house,”‘ she said.

That’s when the man abruptly stopped.

‘He just looked at me and froze and then just turns around – and casually and just slowly walks out,’ she said.

Waliser then found her phone and realized that her call to 911 went through. Dispatchers had been listening the entire time. Officers arrived and got a description of the attacker from Waliser.

Three hours later, they arrested 24-year-old Alfredo Guzman-Padilla, who they found naked at another apartment complex with the clothes that Waliser described nearby.

On Tuesday, Guzman-Padilla appeared in court on 27 charges that include sex abuse, attempted rape, strangulation, encouraging child sex abuse and burglary.

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