UK: British Children Asked to Write Anti-British Poems

The “teacher” is a woman, obviously

The biggest problem with Britishness is whiteness.

Whiteness is a virus that has to be stamped out and it can only be truly destroyed when it no longer has any bodies to inhabit.


Primary school children in England have reportedly been asked by the National Trust to write poems “denigrating” the British Empire, as campaigners attempt to convince the heritage charity to abandon its increasingly woke agenda.

A group of 100 children were led by controversial left-wing professor Corinne Fowler, of Leicester University, on a tour of country houses in order to inspire them to write poems chastising the former owners for their connections to colonialism, according to The Times.

Fowler is 40ish and fat. But she’s beautiful.

If you say she’s not beautiful, we’re gonna have a big problem.

Prof Fowler defended the initiative — which is part of the Colonial Countryside Project that has listed Sir Winston Churchill’s home on a BLM-style shame list — telling The Times: “Colonial Countryside pupils produced work which expresses the fullest possible range of approaches, perspectives and emotions, from critical to curious to expressions of wonder.”

In response to seeing a dress sword at Charlecote Park near Stratford-upon-Avon, recovered during the Siege of Lucknow in 1857 amid the Indian rebellion, one student wrote: “Stolen by the English; a freedom sword, a stolen freedom sword.”

The children were said to have been saddened about the animal decorations on the walls of some of the homes, with Trust employees telling the youngsters that elephants were used “in order to display power in ways which Indians would recognise”.

The Trust’s Colonial Countryside Project has previously come under fire after it was revealed that primary school-aged children were used to “reverse mentor” National Trust staff on the alleged evils of British colonialism.

The woke push from the heritage body has sparked an internal backlash, with National Trust members establishing a pressure group, Restore Trust, in order to stand up for British history against the Black Lives Matter iconoclasm sweeping through the charity.

Jack Hayward of Restore Trust said: “We don’t have a problem with an objective assessment of history. We have a problem with people being subjective about history.”

The campaigners are attempting to restore “the Trust’s original apolitical ethos” in order to “make all visitors feel welcome and included without demonising anyone’s history or heritage” and “to use history responsibly as a tool for understanding, not as a weapon”.

Whites used everything as a weapon.

Even elephant symbols.

Now it’s time for us to use history as a weapon against whiteness, the real virus of our times.

It’s time to recognize, as Michelle Codrington-Rogers, says of blacks: “We built the pyramids, developed modern numbers, built universities. Our ancestors were philosophers, scientists, military strategists, authors, writers, activists and so much more.”

It doesn’t matter if that’s true or not.

Thousands of years ago, blacks would have built pyramids and invented numbers if it wasn’t for racism.

History should be about equity, and in order to do equity, we must rewrite history so that blacks did everything.

This is not about fairness or equality anymore – those are both white colonial CIS patriarchal racist ideas.